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biz and the cti suitcase full of mardi gras 12" without the bells

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I remember right when this whole Mardi Gras 12" thing started some interviewer tracked down the old head of marketing and production at CTI.

50 cent (bin) wrote:
Anyways he said that they defenitely DID press up about 10-15 copies of the Mardi Gras 12" He said they were sent out to top dj's only and were put in some kind of briefcase for promotional perks.

He said it's extremely rare and his is the only one he's seen in years. But it does exist. It was never commercially available.

He did however say that he had no clue if there was a possibility of there being no bells. It said he doubted there was but they could have defenitely been lowered in a pressing mistake.

So to my knowledge, (well his knowledge, haha) there defenitely is a 12" of mardi gras. But there's no verification of one with no bells.

Dusty Kid wrote:
I was with Biz the other Night and he claims to have it. He doesn't seem like he's lying about it either. He Described exactly how it goes and he said that it starts with the open drums for 2 - 4 Bars then the Bells come in.
He said he is gonna play it for me so I will see

Paul Nice wrote:
I was down at Biz's house a few years ago and he showed me the 12''.
From what I remember there were 2 cuts per side.
He didn't play it for me though. To this day he swears up & down that the version you posted (with the lower bells) is NOT the version on his 12".
He steadfastly maintains that there are absolutely NO bells on it.
But knowing Biz, until the day I actually hear the record, I remain skeptical.

Dusty Kid wrote:
Yeah he Told me it was a 12" too. I heard stories about it being a 45 but he confirmed it was a 12". We're supposed to be going to his crib in the next few weeks so if he has it, I will make sure he plays it for me. Thats my only objective in life now.

herbalizer wrote (non mardi-gras-bells-related):
Wasn't it Biz who proclaimed he actually owned five 12" copies of "Blow Your Head" by Fred Welsey or something, some years back? Was there ever a 12" format EVER, for this cut?
Said he found them in the Carribean on a trip there?.Jamaican pressings or something...? Or are these well-manufactured rumours to further stir the pot of trainspotters and backpackers worldwide?

Jay Quan asking DJ Quick (NYC):
Jay Quan:it was originally made with out the bells and then it came out with the bells. Bizmarkie told me he had it.
DJ Quick: Let me tell you about Bizmarkie, remember that guy I was telling you about Lenny, well Biz bought his collection right before he died, so Biz has that “Mardi Gras” with out the Bells. He has it in his collection and other stuff nobody has, because this guy Lenny had it all. So if Biz says he has it, he has it.

a few days ago paulnice wrote:
Biz finally played me the alleged copy of the bell-less mardi gras over the phone.
I had him play it over for me a few times while I set up my Radio Shack telephone recorder.
So, I have audio proof! Although VERY low and muddled.
It still might not satisfy skeptics.


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> So, I have audio proof! Although VERY low and muddled. It still might not satisfy skeptics.

So upload it onto a zshare link or something.....

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paul nice wrote that, not me.

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thought this might be of interest...