Dienstag, 29. Mai 2007

biz, the soulman and school of hard knocks

This story just came in from the one and only Soulman:

"First time I talked to Biz was on the phone some years back, in a three-way convo with DJ Cash Money. Biz has been telling Cash that he's looking for this record that School Of Hard Knocks (i think that's correct) sampled on their album awhile ago. Cash doesn't know it, but he says he knows somebody who probbly does, so he calls me up with Biz on the line. So Biz plays the School Of Hard Knocks record for me, I don't know what the sample is either. So Biz kinda disses me, like "Oh, I thought you knew everything. I thought you was the beat man!" I didn't say anything at the time, but I was pissed the fuck off! After we got off the phone I made it my life's mission to find out what this stinkin' record was. I called EVERYBODY I knew that might recognize this schitt- all the record collectors, deejays, producers, damn near EVERYBODY (some of y'all reading this might even remember me asking about it) and not one person knows what it is or is willing to divulge it if they did know. Finally after some weeks I found out it's by Sun (I just knew it was gonna be some relatively common-ass schitt). So for my next mixtape, Soulman World Of Beats Vol. 3 "Off The Meatracks", I threw in a little dedication where I say "This is going out to Biz" and I play a piece of the Sun record, then cut to a clip of Biz laughing. I meant it all in fun, but it could easily have been taken as a dis, too.So I guess word of this must've gotten back to Biz, because my girl Stef at Bobbito's now defunct Footwork store here in Philly tells me that one day Biz comes barging into the store all wild, roaring something about "WHERE'S THE SOULMAN TAPES??". He proceeds to buy all of my mixes that are in stock and bounces out of the shop! I never heard anything more about that situation, but from everything I've heard about Biz I'm sure that if he was mad about that schitt he quickly forgot all about it. For the record, Biz is the man, no doubt... been a big fan of dude since the 80s right up to now and would never intentionally dis the homie... too much respect. It's just that if ya fuck wit me I gots to fuck wit you, too! It's all love, though"

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