Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2007

the biz neve sleeps ...

... is a blog with stories about the one and only b.i.z. . If you got a story yourself then don't hesitate to contact me. Ok, here we go, it all started ...

anno 2005, the soulstrut forums, the Big Dude™ Hip-Hop Collectors thread:

Big Chan wrote:
Word. Paul Nice and I should start a thread of Biz stories one day, there are SO many funny stories! Just talking to that dude on the phone is always complete comedy. He is a very cool guy. Anytime he comes through town, Supreme and I meet up with him and he proceeds to show us ALL kinds of crazy records and play us all kinds of raer joints off of CDRs. Unreleased Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh 80s songs like woah! Marcell Hall is that dude.

DeeRock wrote:
I heard a story about biz stopping off at 7-11 and running into to get some candy. He buys the box of Boston Baked beans. Not one small box, the entire box containg all of the small boxes. Then jumps in the car and eats them all, he rips off the lid and swallows the whole box and lets them fall all down his face and stomach! Lol. Then he goes to the grocery store with Pajamas on and throws 30 boxes of cereal in a cart and heads to the checkout counter. Paul nizzle, can I get a witness? I deejayed with Biz many times. One time we just got done and I was talkin' to him and some girl walks up and right in the middle of our conversation he just grabbed her hand and left! Shit was hilarious. Then another time we were leaving the club and some kid ran up to him and Biz slammed the car door in the kids face. This dude is fuckin hilarious, the first time I met him he had got my number from someone and called me out of the blue, I answered my phone and he said "You don't have any records"! I was laughing so fuckin' hard, he continued to sing to me for two hours. No lie.

ThesOne wrote:
The first time I talked to Biz on the phone it just happened to be april fools day and dude just calls out of the blue. Conversation went something to the effect of:

T: Hello?
B: Yo is this Thes One? (in typical Biz voice)
T: Huh? Who the f** is this?
B: It's Biz man?!!
T: This shit aint funny, who is this?
B: It's the emmeza emmeza!
T: For real, naw man haha april fools.
B: No Thes it's the (beatboxing now) buf uh one two, I'd like to introduce myself..
T: oh my god....
B: Yah man! I love ya rekkid!!!

Dude is like that.

DeeRock wrote:
Exactly! This dude calls me out of the blue and all he says when I answered "You don't have no records" in typical biz voice. Same shit I'm like who the fuck is this? "It's Biz". I already know what you went through duke.

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Ragz hat gesagt…

Classic Stories, Im so glad that there is a forum specifically for the Bee Eye Zee.

The night b4 I had to roll out to Scribble Jam, I had a show in Stafford Virginia with my group the Jazz Addixx. We were to open for the B-I-Z. I had to bring my Tech 12's and mixer to this event. After we performed we were all amped up to see a legend do his thing. So he walks in with some cats that were even bigger than the BIZ. Biz started rockin on my set up. Straight Killin it with the ill 45's! As the night goes on BIZ orders some Hot Wings and begins to eat the Wings as hes doing his set. As hes eating the Hot Wings, the sauce is dripping onto my Mixer that I just bought. I was buggin so I went up to tell him to not eat the Wings and his people stopped me and wouldnt let me get close to him to tell him. So I quickly ran to the other side and hopped up onto the platform and asked him to chill with the wings, and the B-I-Z was totally cool about it. Dude put on a hell of a set and everyone was having a good time!!!

Anyway, thats my little run in with the cat. Biz is crazy with the knowlege, There is another cat that produced a couple tracks on the Slaughterhouse LP named Latiff who he kicks it with that I went on a diggin mission with, I felt like a newbie.